Student rooms at your choice

102 rooms in 4 floors
Student room

Each room , aprox 20 m², is equipped with 1 oversized bed, shower, toilet, heating, washbasin, closet, study desk, internet, cable TV, warm/cold water, parlephone.

Private mail box.

Rental starts at 450 € per month

2 months of guaranty deposit

Monthly commission expenses of 35 €

Less then 12 month contracts are at 600 € per month all-inclusive.

Shared kitchen

Each floor has it's own kitchen to be shared by the students for cooking, eating, party.

Weekly cleaned by the consierge.

WAW kot building

The complex has 102 new student rooms where you perceive a loft feel with its high ceilings and where all the rooms meet the highest standards of fire safety in the year 2015. The complex has a green quality of the City of Antwerp (Kotweb)

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